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Title: summary of my relationship with supernatural and its fandom
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"I was the best of those sons of bitches! The most loyal! 

        Even you have to admit, I’m awesome!


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On Hinduism: Hindu people look at their religious life as a continuous and eternal existence rather than just a religion; a way of life. It contains a collection of obligations and customs known as dharma which exceed the recent Christian and Western secularist tendency to see religion as a system of beliefs. It has a wide range of concepts including; karma, methods to attain salvation, and spiritual release. 

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Reblog Link in your Post



1. Go to Customize » Theme » HTML. You have to find your PERMALINK code, where are the date/notes code. Use ctrl+f to find the code, type block:notecount

2.  Copy and paste this code next to your permalink code. Use ctrl+f to find the code, type notecount

<a href=”{ReblogURL}” target=”_blank” class=”details”>Reblog</a>

There’s an example:


**  You can replace “Reblog” with whatever you want.
*** This code works in all themes, but this can be a little difficult to do in some themes.

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» VOL I - Basic Structure
» VOL II - Sidebars
» VOL III - Posts
» VOL IV - Post Info
» VOL V - Customizations & Variables

Tutorial Series Notes & FAQ

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